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FAB Russia conducts various research on the Russian market for manufacturers, service providers, trade companies and research agencies. If your company is going to introduce new consumer products or services on the Russian market, research can provide you the information necessary for decisions on your product promotion strategy. We can offer a full range of marketing services, from defining targets to analytic reports and presentations. Each client is treated individually: responding to the client's specific requirements is our priority.

Research is conducted in the following fields:


Evaluation of market volumes and shares
Potential market assessment
Market behavior and development tendencies
Monitoring of market indices


Consumer portraits and behaviour
Examination of consumer attitude towards goods, services, trademarks and manufacturers
Consumer segmentation and selection of the target market


Competitor comparative analyses


Current prices monitoring and analyses
Optimal pricing recommendations

Evaluations of distribution channels

Examining the distribution channels
Manufacturer and distributor database build-up


Examination and analysis of communication channels
Promotion campaign efficiency assessment
Efficiency assessment of advertising campaigns

The fields listed can be combined in accordance with the client’s requirements. Special programs can also be elaborated to meet the client's specific requests.

Research stages:

Target defininition
Individual research program preparation
Data search and compilation
Data analyses
Report preparation and its presenting to the client

Report preparation and presention to the client. The research program shall be elaborated in flexible cooperation with the client and can include the following points:

Types, methods and sources of data collection
Methods of data processing and representation of the results
Methods of data analyses
Types, layout and the content of the reports

Types, layout and content of reports Reports can be prepared in Russian, English or other foreign languages. Upon conclusion of the research, presentation of the results is performed for the client's representative. The research can take from one week to two month, depending on the targets and volumes of the project. Express reviews of specific products and services can be performed within one week. The cost of such a review starts at $200. The terms and pricing of special researches are defined in the process of the research program elaboration.

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