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Professional Photographer Services

Outdoors Photo Shooting

A professional photographer will accompany you during your stay in Moscow and record memorable moments with a photo documentary. Special occasions, such as your anniversary, wedding, birthday, party etc. are our specialty. We offer both, professional digital and high quality film, photography.
The fee: from $250 per day.

Studio shooting

A professional photographer will take your studio portrait, family portrait, portrait of your child, even your pet. You will receive two portraits, either in color or black-and-white.
The fee: $120 and up.
Additional services offered: Professional makeup artist, hairdresser and stylist.
The fee: from $50.

Corporate Photography

Corporate headshots (i.e. Board of Directors, Executives, Staff), photos for your Corporate Portfolio or Annual Report.
The fee: starting from $250 per day.
Specific price quotation is available upon your request.

Interior Photography

Interior photographies will be taken with the use of a Digital camera or Slide 6x7 camera. Special lighting equipment might be necessary.
The fee: starting from $250 per day.
Specific price quotation is available upon your request.

Fashion Photography and Advertisement Photo Session

These photo shoots take place either with a digital camera or a slide 6x7 camera.
For an additional fee, we can have a professional set designer setup a background theme, have professional models available and provide you with special costumes. Of course, we can also provide you with professional makeup artists, hairdresser and stylists.
The fee: Price quotation available upon request (depending on how much of the additional services you require).

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