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Moscow Excursions

Moscow Excursions Moscow Center Excursions
Open a wonderful world of Moscow sightseens. Remarkable gems of Russian art, architecture and history, lovely places of guests and Muscovites. You Are Welcome.

Moscow Suburb Temples

Moscow Suburb Temples Excursions Moscow Suburb Temples Excursions
The excursion is towards wonderful Orthodox churches of different styles and epochs. Temples are situated in a very picturesque places, not far from Moscow. You will delight with an old Russian architecture as well as with Moscow suburb.

Book Hotels in Russia

Moscow Suburb Temples Excursions Hotels in Russia. Contact Info.
Hotels in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Cheboksary, Chelyabinsk, Kirov, Krasnodar, Magadan, Nizhniy Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Saratov, Sochi, Tula, Tyumen, Ufa, Volgograd.

Tours to Moscow.

Tours to Moscow - Programs
Moscow - 3 days 2 nights tour, Moscow - 5 days 4 nights tour, Moscow - 6 days 5 nights tour, Moscow - Week-end in Moscow, Moscow - Helicopter flights over Moscow.

Short-Term Apartments in Russia

Short-Term Apartments Moscow Apartments
St. Petersburg Apartments
Book online furnished apartments in center of city.

Short-Term Apartments Rentals Short-Term Apartments Rentals

Moscow Apartments
  Location Rooms
Vasiljevskaya, 2/2 3
Sadovoe-Karetny, 4-6 2
Novinsky blvd, 15 2
Kotelnicheskaya, 1/15 2
Tverskaya, 17 2
Granatny, 2 2
Novy Arbat, 26 2
Frunzenskaya Area 2
Arbat 2
Tverskaya Area 1
Kievskaya 1
St. Petersburg Apartments
  Location Rooms
Nevsky, 11 5
Griboedov Canal, 46 4
Marata, 9 4
Kazanskaya, 5 3
Fontanka, 30 3
Nevsky, 88 3
Mayakovskogo, 1 3
Zhukovskogo, 32 3
Nevsky, 115 3
Dostoevskaya, 29 2
Zhukovskogo, 49 2
Fontanka, 11A 2
Fontanka, 11B 2
Fontanka, 69 2
Fontanka Studio 1

Russian Bookstore: Featured Books

Reader's Review
The best Russian traveller's phrasebook I've found. If you're going on a trip to Russia and only want to take one book, this would be it. It has a small dictionary, information on aspects of Russian society, things to be wary of and even a page of "bad Russian"! Another nice aspect is that unlike some resources for travellers this actually fits in your pocket...

Reader's Review
Excellent for planning a trip, or remembering one! Of the various travel guides to the area I have consulted I particularly like this edition from Fodor's. The information is arranged in a logical way and is invaluable for planning a trip. And planning such a trip is very important even with the changes in today's society...

Reader's Review
Katzner's dictionary is the best single source of Russian language available to American-English speakers. It is better for grammar references than most Russian grammar books. It is an elegant solution to English- and Russian-speakers attempting to make the transition between the languages which has been unavailable until this time. It is, in a word, revolutionary...

The New Penguin Russian Course

Reader's Review
To all those fascinated with Russia and it's language, but cannot seem to get it right and are discouraged, fear not. This book will lift your spirits and show you that Russian is not that hard of a language afterall! I have also found studying Russian helpful in decoding the seemingly totally-irregular grammars of Polish and other Slavic languages...

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